Adult Phone Chat – Naked In The Leaves


Adult Phone Chat
It’s that time of year where I’ll be taking my adult phone chat sessions out to my backyard so I can roll around naked in the leaves. I do it because it makes my pussy soaking wet to have those pointy, prickly leaves scratching against my delicate skin. I’m a filthy masochistic pain slut who will do anything to catch a bruise. Speaking of bruises, want to know how I got this nasty one on my tit? I’m happy to spill all in a hot session! You see I was riding a cock with more fervor than I’ve ever exhibited before.

Master loves the Autumn, and something about the harvest season just makes his cock rock fucking hard. Master used to be one of my adult phone chat clients, one of the sicker ones. I was so taken with the way he claimed he’d use and abuse my body I simply had to see if it was true. He kept taunting me, telling me to show up at his place since I had his address. Well I finally did just the other night. The soles of my heels crunched against the leaves on the pavement, but otherwise I was completely naked besides my play collar. It has those strong D rings that can handle the rough play Master said he liked to dish out.

I knocked on the door, and another of his little submissive slaves answered. I wasn’t shocked, but she led me inside and made me kneel at his feet. He didn’t even know who I was until I opened my mouth, and then he recognized my subby kitten purr from our adult phone chat sessions. He made me lick his boots clean, and then showed me a pain I can never replicate. The way he beat me, used me, forced me to ride him was farther than I’d ever taken my little teen body. He said he wanted me to bring my young daughters next time so he could see them playing naked in the leaves. I was just there two nights ago, and that’s how I got this bruise. I want to take the girls over tonight. Time to start getting ready!

Adult Phone Chat

Lively closeup of falling autumn leaves with vibrant backlight from the setting su

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