Adult Phone Chat – Creamy Pumpkin Spice

Adult Phone Chat

Master sent me down to the coffee shop to pick up some Pumpkin Spice lattes after a long night of adult phone chat. I went happily, dressed in some hot little bondage gear with a loose dress tossed on over top. “I’d like two Pumpkin Spice lattes with extra cream, please.” I asked the cashier, but he excused himself for a moment and went to get the manager. A hulking Dom, one of Master’s close friends, came skulking out of his office. He was looking me up and down like a starving man, and they quickly hustled me to the back.

I wasn’t sure what was happening, but i was taken into his office and the door was slammed. When he turned on the lights, I saw a casting couch and several cameras pointing at it. “Your Master tells me that you’re the best submissive who does adult phone chat he has ever owned. Is this true, little kitten?” The man purred as he roughly bent me over his desk. All I could smell was the pumpkin spice from his coffee cup as it sat mere inches from my face. I had started to cry, but I tried to hold still as he slapped his bare, hard cock across my ass cheeks. I didn’t answer, and he slapped he hard with his open hand instead, leaving a harsh red welt across my ass in the shape of his five finger discount. “I asked if you were his best slut!” I screamed at me as I trembled in fear.

He slammed his cock into my ass dry, and the pain ripped through me. Though I couldn’t stop my pussy from getting wet. That’s what I turned to submission and adult phone chat for; I get so wet when they hurt me. Master’s friend performed his brutal and forceful rape fantasy out on my tight little body, and sent me on my way with two hot pumpkin spice lattes. When I returned home, Master slapped me and asked me where the cream was. I promptly bent over and lifted my dress so he could see my gaping little asshole and all the cum, I mean cream, oozing out.

Adult Phone Chat

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