A Waxing Party

My friend invited me to a party recently. I was excited. I love parties. She told me it was a waxing party and that it was an all girl theme. I thought okay we are going to be waxing our legs and bikini areas. Maybe there was some kind of new wax going to be promoted or someone had learned a new technique for waxing and wanted to share. I do not know why I had these naive thoughts. I know my friends and should have known better.  Well when I arrived I realized I was very wrong.

It was an erotic waxing party. All the ladies were naked or almost naked and some had already paired up when I got there. Of course it was a bdsm waxing party. A very sexy and confident looking woman approached me and told me to strip. Of course me being me I said yes ma’am and did as I was told. She walked around me in a circle looking me up and down and running her hands over my skin. She was praising me and telling me how soft and smooth my skin was. She said it almost looked like milk, it was so creamy. You will be a lot of fun she told me.

She led me over to a small round table and told me to lean on it. There were arrangements of beautiful candles all over the room. She picked one up and started to pour the hot wax down my chest. Oh it was so hot. It hurt but felt good like all the pain that I love. She covered my body in different colors of wax. It hurt so good. She told me I had been a good girl and rewarded me with an orgasm. I thought at that point we were done. I was wrong.

She continued to hurt me with wax and fire and make me hold candles in my pussy. I loved it. I had little burn blisters all over my body for the next couple of days. I loved it because it was a reminder of my first wax party. Sure was a lot of fun. I might host my own soon!

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