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Oh glory! My brother came for a visit. We had such a good lunch and a nice long talk. It was a lovely day and we just wanted to do something together. He suggested we go bike riding in the park. That sounded like so much fun! We went to the park and rented a couple of bikes and headed out. We were laughing and talking and really not paying much attention when a dog got loose and shot out in front of us. My brother managed to swerve and miss him but I went toppling and that damned center bar got me good. It is times like this that I wish I was all girl because i cracked my nuts good! I couldn’t fucking breathe, I couldn’t get up, I could barely move. When my brother finally got me back in the car we examined the damage and my balls were swollen like soft balls and as purple as an eggplant. I had to go to the hospital. The triage nurse took my vitals and sent me back to an er cubical. When the nurses aide walked in I thought I would swoon darling. He was so fucking hot! When he pulled back the covers to examine me, my dick was rock hard and my balls aching and in pain.He gently touched me to examine me and all I could do was gasp and sigh. he closed the door and applied and ice pack to my balls and with out saying a word bent down and began to suck my rock hard cock. Oh I love his glorious bed side manner. My nut sack started feeling better and my cock was in heaven! He made me cum deep sown his throat and even offered to come to the apartment and make a house call after work. Oh glory! I can’t wait darling!

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