A new Toy!

I have just been so turn on today! My cock has been hard and throbbing all day long! I keep stroking it but I just cant get enough! My pretty pink panty’s are dripping wet with pre cum! And need a man! So of course I had to go to the club and pick up a toy for the night. Oooh he was so cute! And young and tight. And he begged me for my thick black cock! Begged me to slide this cock inside him! How could I say no??? A sweet little thing like him! So I fed him my luscious black cock and taught him how to suck it just like I like. Then I bent him over  my king size bed and made him take my king size cock! Until he shot his load when I came deep inside his little virgin ass! Mmmmm I love a new toy!  It is always so much fun breaking in a new toy!

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