2 Girl Phone Sex With Macey and Her Sister

I walked into the bathroom already naked when my older sister was still in the shower. “Macey could you hand me my razor” she called out. I handed her the blade and saw she had some shave cream on her pussy. “Shaving I see? “ I asked, “Yeah.” she answered as a naughty smile appeared on her face, “Unless you want to for me.” I didn’t say a word but stepped in and got on my knees and started gliding the razor up her sexy pussy. I cleaned the left side until it was smooth as silk and then began to do the right side in the same motion.  My sister moaned softly as I glided the blade up her right side leaving a thin strip of hair at the top. “How is it?’ I asked “Mmmmm perfect.”, she moaned. I then touched her pussy with my fingers and teased her clit until she was going crazy with lust. I slipped a finger inside and fucked her with it until she came in my hand as I sipped up her cum. “My turn Macey.”, my sister said with excitement. She took the shower massage down and set it to pulse and placed it next to my pussy while she sucked my tits and slipped her finger into my rose bud to work it. This sent me flying as I felt three of my sex parts being stimulated with sensations of lust and wanting racing through me from head to toe. I moaned loudly as my sister stuck her tongue in my mouth and kissed me deep as I came with such a rush I melted into her arms. After, she held me for a while, as she slid her finger out of my back door and sucked on it as waves of ecstasy washed over me. She returned the shower head to its hook and we kissed as she said “You’re the best sexy sister any sister could ask for.”

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