2 is better than 1

2 girl phone sex

You can always rest assured you will get the best of both worlds when you have two. My friend Tabitha is a hot redhead that I have always dreamt about fucking. Whenever I thought about the possibility of swimming in the girl’s pond, I always would picture her.

The one issue is that we both have jealous boyfriends who want to share the experience with us. We knew we had to make the encountered reality. We both thought long and hard, and we concluded why not make it a party. If you love 2 girl phone sex, get ready to hear what happened next!

Tabitha and I ended up spoiling our guys by showing them how to entertain them. We began to do some tribadism, pretty much another word for scissoring. It would be fun to lick her cream up, and when we both got our rocks off, we pleased the men.

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