2 Girl Call Phone Sex

2 Girl Call Phone SexBig Ben called me one night and wanted to know if anyone was available to play with us.  Right away I knew Colette was the one I wanted because she is smoking hot, and always a lot of fun.  I called her and she was available, so we called Big Ben back and had the greatest time.  He had Colette start by sucking on his big 12 inch cock while I sat on his face, and I was in heaven watching her try and deep throat that beautiful cock!  He made me cum all over his face, then asked me to make Colette cum because she was working so hard on his cock.  He wanted Colette to be rewarded for her hard work on his cock, but he didn’t want her to stop sucking on it.  I got behind Colette and spread her ass cheeks as I licked my way from her ass to her pretty little tight pussy. 

Colette started moaning and rocking back and forth and my tongue went in and out of her pussy lapping up all her juices.  I found my way to her clit and started sucking and biting on it.  She came so hard all over my face, and Ben couldn’t take any more.  He pulled Colette up on his cock, and I sucked her clit while she rode his cock for what seemed like hours.  She came all over his cock, so it was my turn to ride Big Ben’s wild cock, and it only took a few minutes for me to cum all over him too.  He wanted to cum on our tits so we both knelt in front of him as we stroked and licked his cock and balls.  When he came it was an amazing explosion of amazing-ness that we will both remember for a long time.  Colette and I still dream about his cock, and we hope to play with him again really soon.   

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