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Remember last week I told you I was going to be doing a FREE private party for he men with the largest dicks well here you go. I bet you already knew it was the black fucking cocks. They are so damn big. But, to my suprise they told me they were not going to fuck me for free they wanted me to be their stripper whore. I had to work alot of hours and that they wanted 75% of anything that I made. I couldn’t say no to them I want the BIG BLACK COCKS!

I let them have their way with me again and fill every damn hole that they could. Sometimes, even with two cocks in the same hole. I tried to fit three but I have to work my way up to that but right now I can put two large black cocks in my mouth. I love feeling like I am their dirty little whore.

Next week they are coming back over and this time they are bring 3 more friends they said they are going to stretch my holes in ways they have never been stretched before. I am nervous about it but I can not wait to have those huge cocks in my throat,ass and pussy. I will keep you ported!

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