Ms. Passion Ready For Playtime!

You know you like my smooth, chocolate skin, huge titties, and round black ass, just admit it white boy! Hahaha, I bet you want to shove your face in between my titties and motorboat these big jugs! Give me a call, then. I’ve got enough to share with you and your friends!

You know, a skinny, white bitch can’t suck your dick like I can! You love the way I’m hungry for that dick! It’s the best ever! I’ll suck the skin off your white cock, while your friend is fucking my pussy from behind! He’s never fucked a black bitch before, has he? Better show him how to work my fucking pussy! The way I throw my hips back on his dick has him speechless! Ms. Passion don’t play when it comes to fucking!

I want you to bring your fine self, and all your friends over, and let’s have a fucking party! I bet you $100 I can fuck all of you and not even break a sweat! Cum on, Ms. Passion is ready to play!

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