Sex Addict

Hi boys where are all those hard cocks for me to suck the cum out of? I have been playing with my pussy for hours now and I just need to be fucked like never before. It’s a shame that some men can’t fuck very good anymore. I hope you can give me the fucking I need. I really don’t want to have to resort to my toys , althought I enjoy them nothing feels better than a big fat warm dick fucking my holes hard.
I need it daily and deep. I mean fuck dude nothing can compete with a good fuck and I want all the dick I can get. That’s why I’m such a fucking whore because dick is incredible. I know you want to feel my tight pussy gripping that dick up and down in and out over and over for hours and hours. It has you getting all fucking hot and horny doesn’t it. So get the fuck in here and do me rough. Grab my fucking hair and shove that dick in me. I’ll wrap my long legs around you pulling you in deeper while I’m squirting all over your dick and balls. My cum will drip while you keep fucking me the way I need it.
I know it may take some time for you to realize that I AM a girl you can do ANYTHING to but let me assure you I am a HORNY FUCKING WHORE baby so if you can’t fuck me like an animal then just keep looking because I’m the wrong girl for you. Don’t bore me with some plain ass vanilla GFE shit. Save that dumb boring shit for the prissy bitch in your bed.
I want to be surprised and pleased, let’s see if you got what it takes boys.


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