Pretty Pink Panty

Hey Pinky Winky Sissies! Guess what ? It is pretty pink panty time! I am telling you to go into your wife’s dresser and find the prettiest pink panty to wear on your sissy fanny. Or even better, I would rather you do find a pink panty that your wife already wore and put them on your booty. Oh and yes, you may have your Princess Paris’s permission to sniff and lick those panties before you wear them.

Okay sissy poo, now that you are wearing your wife’s cum filled, sexy, pink panty, you have to wear them all day long … especially while you are at your “man job”. Yes, that’s right sunshine. No exceptions to my demand. You will wear them underneath your “pretend man clothes” for the entire day!

Then later on tonight I am going to invite all of my friends over for live entertainment. Can you guess who is going to be entertaining me and my friends for this party, sissy? … You are! So be ready to give us a good show with you only wearing your pretty pink panties while we all laugh and shame you, sissy poo.

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