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Slavery Phone SexCall me for some Slavery Phone Sex! I’ll make you sit your ass down and enjoy some fucking sexy college girl porn with me. I just want to show you how I make those little putas my little bitches. I love to murder their fucking pussy. Hand over your fucking cell phone, that’s the first thing I’m shoving up this little putas pussy! I’m going to then fist fuck the puta! Oh yeah then guess what I’m going to do to you? I’m going to first chop off your balls and make this bitch swallow hoping she fucking chokes on your nasty hairy balls. You already knows whats next mother fucker. You are worthless with no balls. Lets get to cutting off your worthless dick. Look at you with that man pussy! let me fuck this bitch with your cock. Then I’m coming back to you to fuck your man pussy with your own worthless cock.

Cum Whore

 Cum Slut Phone SexYou think just because you picked me up on the corner of Mariscal in Juarez Mexico you could beat me up? You thought wrong mother fucker. If anyone is getting beaten its not going to be me for sure. I will fuck your ass up so fucking good. You will be begging me for some more ass whooping. That’s right you will be my fucking slave and do as I say if you don’t do what I say I will fuck your ass up. Oh wait! Even when you do listen to me and you think you are being a good boy, WRONG mother fucker I will still beat your ass, and punch your dick and punch your balls till they pop the fuck out. Holding my butterfly knife to your neck as I ride your useless dick. You better not fucking cum before I do!!!! I’m going to be pist if you do!

Sex Drugs and Alcohol

 Forced Intoxication Phone SexI cant wait to party with you go get all fucked up lets have a little bit of everything! Some sex drugs and alcohol! Wohooo When I’m all fucked up I want both of us to dance naked in the club. That shit just makes me so fucking horny. I jump on you grab your dick and shove it in my fucking pussy hole. Let the whole club watch us fuck. Don’t be a fucking pussy! I start fucking slapping you across your fucking face for being a little fucking fagot as bitch, I’m horny and I want to fuck now. I want that big fat dick in my pussy. No I don’t want to wait to go home. I want it now! If you don’t give it to me now I’m going to have that big black guy come fuck your manly pussy for being a little fucking bitch.


 Naked teen picturesLets have a little fun hun! Let me tell you a little bit of what I like. Then call me and tell me if you are down to fuck with this sexy fine ass Latina! First I want you to know that I love pain, giving ans receiving. Its so fucking hot! I love to get you all naked in my living room then grab you by the balls and pull you to my room of course pulling you by your fucking balls. I will tie you up on my bed next, and yes blind fold your fucking ass. Bullseye mother fucker I just hit you with a bowling ball and I got those balls fuck yeah. Next I will start cutting those balls with my butterfly knife shove them up your ass and start to fuck you with my strap on. Then I will fuck your man pussy with this knife. Let me know if your down to fuck. We will play baseball next!

Bad Latina Bitch

 Humiliation Phone SexWhats up mother fucker? You want me to beat your stupid ass till you cum all over my fucking tits. You have to do what I fucking say. I want you to beg like a fucking dog for me to fuck you and shop your fucking balls off. I’m taking the knife and cut both your balls off at the same time shove them down your mother fucking throat and make you choke on them big balls of yours. Oh yeah fucker beg for it you peace of shit. You are a fucking worthless man taking up space in this fucking world. That peace of dick there hanging is useless with out no balls. I slap you across your face then step on your manly vagina hahahaha. Cum on beg for it fucker. You know you want this tough Latina Bitch all over your fucking useless body. Ill beat you till I make you cum.


 Medical Fetish Phone SexDrop your clothes you little pussy ass bitch. NOW mother fucker I don’t got time for your bull shit games. Turn around this naughty fucking nurse is going to check that fucking prostate with her fucking strap on you fucking cock sucker. Don’t you dare make a fucking sound being a little pussy or I promise I will make it hurt more. Don’t fuck with me you know I’ll do it. After I’m done fucking your asshole, I mean checking that prostate, I’m going to check your balls but not with two fingers that’s for pussy’s. I’m going to give you a kick on the balls. One sound fucker and I’ll get the bat and check you fucker. Looks like you still have all that nasty skin around your small little fucking dick. Well time to say good bye to it. I’m going to start cutting off little by little to make sure it hurts.

No Fucks given

 Exhibitionist Phone SexAfter having hot ass sex at the side of the pool with my best friend me and my boy toy went to the store to buy some drinks. We started talking about the fucking awesome sex we had with our friend and we started getting so fucking horny that he just pulled his junk out and told me to start sucking his dick out side the store in the parking lot. I was so fucking horny that I got all naked and decided to ride his dick I sat on that big fat juicy dick. No fucks given with all the people walking by watching us getting it on and recording. That’s right bitches take a good look at my fucking asshole and cum and suck it mother fuckers. Oh yeah fuck off or join us in our fucking sex. I love having sex in public so, come on lets fuck.

smoked sausage

 Smoking Fetish Phone SexSmoking that sausage is what this babe is going to do. I want to drop to my knees spit on that sorry little ass dick. Holding my smoke in my hand taking a couple of puffs blowing all that smoke all over your little dick. Fuck yeah then I feel you are starting to feel like you are going to fucking cum and I burn you little dick head with the fucking cigarette. Hahaha then I lick it a little bit. You balls and asshole are my fucking ashtray. Never mind all your body is my ashtray. You are my fucking slave and you do what ever the fuck I say. I will turn off my cigarettes on your asshole for being a little fucking pussy about it mother fucker. When I turn off my smoke on your ass I will bite your fucking balls to take the burning sensation away for a bit.

Mexican Puta

 Ethnic Phone SexThis hot ass Mexican puta is going to take your pale little white puta and make her my bitch. Im going to fucking tie you up to a fucking chair. Im going to make you watch how good I fuck her. You fucking dick less asshole. You think you were going to satisfy her with that little fucking so called little dick. It looks like a little big clit. You can’t even satisfy her with your fingers or your tongue. I’m going to show you how I eat your wife’s pussy so good I make her squirt all over my face. I made her orgasm five times in a row. None like you, you have been married for more than three years and you have not once made her cum. I mean how the fuck would you make her cum with that little ass cock looking like a little purple wrinkled raisin.

Face Fuck

 Rape phone sex fantasiesWe all work together and that morning I walked in to get some coffee, you were making copies. I jumped on you telling you I wanted to face fuck you. Our co worker walks in on us and she sees your hard rock big ass dick and decides to jump on you and ride that big dick of yours while I face fuck you and squirt all over your dick. There we are all three of us fucking each other in the copy room, you are making me moan so fucking loud, you are so good at eating pussy. The boss walks in and is so fucking mad. I get the crotches I start hitting his fucking head till I made him pass out. We kept fucking and he started waking up I decide to face fuck him too. I couldn’t feel his tongue, I think he was trying to get me off by the looks of his body movement. I just wanted to suffocate him, so he wouldn’t remember. Help me beat his ass and take him out.

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