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Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

Ass To Mouth Phone SexListen up mother fucker. Yes you jacking off on the balcony right in your back yard. Were I’m pretty sure the kinky fucking neighbor is watching! Just look at all that spot full of fucking cum. I’m going to tie you up on the fucking chair stand over your face push your face down on my cunt make you tongue fuck me while I fucking stomp on your balls with my stilettos, hoping to hear your balls pop. Fuck yeah. Now I’m calling my friend with a huge cock over to get started on some fucking action! Open your fucking mouth up! This big mother fucker is about to face fuck your real fucking hard till you can no longer breathe. I’m down here trying to bite one of your fucking balls off, its just not working. I get my butterfly knife out my pussy fuck hole and start cutting in between both balls making your man pussy fuck hole fuck- able for my friends. Cum here let me chop that fucking cock off!

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

Ass To Mouth Phone SexThe word on the street is that you love big fat long nigger dick in your asshole! I’m going to stretch that asshole open really fucking good. I’m going to tie your ass up bend over on a chair. That’s right I’ll spread that ass apart and have two big black niggers with 14 inch big black cocks penetrate that faggot asshole. I hope you like double penetration because that will hurt like a bitch. I’m going to have another big black cock gag you so open that pretty little mouth up mother fucker! I’m going to be sitting on your back pulling your head back by your fucking hair. As soon as the two big black cocks bust a nut in your ass I will turn around take my butterfly knife and start tearing that ass open. Don’t you just love getting fucked with my butterfly knife you piece of shit!

Medical Fetish Phone Sex

Medical Fetish Phone SexI bust the door open to room 307, whats up mother fucker its your nurse Alanza. I’m here to make you feel a lot better. I’m going to tie you up on the hospital bed and first I’m going to let you taste my juicy pussy tongue fuck it good asshole not like the faggot your are. Since you cant tongue fuck me with that tongue I will fucking cut it off and shove it up you fucking asshole. That feels good don’t it? I’m going to keep pushing it in with my butterfly knife cutting your asshole wide open. Then I will grab the needles and start sticking them all over your dick. Look at you crying like a little bitch. Don’t be a little bitch! I’m going to use all this sharp tools to chop that worthless dick off! First lets make it hurt a little bit you faggot!

Dominatrix Phone Sex

Dominatrix Phone SexCum here fucker. Bring that worthless dick of yours here. I’m about to make you my little fucking bitch! I’m going to let you eat out my pussy really fucking good till you make me orgasm 5 times in a row. That’s right slave I said 5 mother fucking times! Tongue fuck my pussy really fucking good, and just use your fucking fingers. Your fingers are way better than your fucking worthless dick. I’m going to get on my knees and give you a few sucks on that little 2 inch cock. Then I’m going to take my butterfly knife from my boot and start murdering that fucking asshole of yours! Then I’ma start kicking your fucking balls till I hear them pop. Look what I’m going to do with this knife on your shaft! I’m carving my name Alanza on it so you could remember who the fuck owns your faggot ass!

bitch please

Tonight I’m making your dream cum true mother fucker! You worthless shit! Tonight I will show you once again what a real fucking dick is! Not like your worthless peace of shit dick you have hanging between your legs. Its so funny how you actually thought you would pleasure me with your fucking clit dick! Mother fucker please bitch. I rather fuck your sister than your fucking small ass shit dick! You should hate your self. 3 inches of hard cock you have, even your pubes are longer than that little dick. I’m bringing my friend over the one that has only like 10 more inches of hard cock than yours! Bending you over and spreading your asshole wide open for his huge 13 inch fat cock to go into your faggot asshole! Its probably not the first dick you take up your ass huh? It looks pretty loose and abused to me!

Creampie Phone Sex

 Creampie Phone SexMother fucker don’t be acting like you don’t love dick up your fucking ass! Don’t piss me off you piece of shit! I’ll go to your fucking work place and show everyone pictures of your small little fucking dick that looks like a fucking clit! Don’t forget those pictures I took last week of us, were I’m bending you over making you my little fucking bitch! You fucking begging me to ass fuck you with a horse size strap- on dick! You spreading those ass cheeks wide open ready for me to just ram this dick in your tight man pussy! Fuck yeah I’m tearing that ass apart fucking you really fucking hard! Pounding that ass really fucking hard making sure your balls smack against my plastic balls, making it hurt! Don’t forget the picture were you look like a little sissy bitch wearing pretty makeup like a little faggot!

Dominatrix Phone Sex

Dominatrix Phone SexLet this sexy bitch take over your fucking cock! Don’t be a little bitch mother fucker! Not only will I take care of your dick! Your pretty little fucking mouth is mine too! Don’t forget that tight little fucking asshole! I will make you my fucking bitch by the end of tonight! I’m inviting my 3 big dick friends over, I want to show you and make you feel what a real man dick is not like that little shit hanging between your legs. You worthless piece of shit. That’s right mother fucker open wide I want you to start by french kissing this big black cock! Bend over like the little bitch you are and spread your little butt chicks open! I will spit on it and grab that 15 inch cock and guide it into your tight ass tearing it apart! Now you know what a real cock is!

Drugs Phone Sex

Drugs Phone SexWhats up mother fucker long time no talk no call no nothing! Don’t fucking tell me I scared you away? Don’t be a fucking pussy like always, don’t be scared haha! You see this big ass long fucking stiletto heel? Well guess what the fuck its for? That’s right you small dick faggot its to fuck you in your ass with it! I’m going to fucking bend you the fuck over and tie you up on my bed on all fours! I will then smack your balls with my pink fly swatter about 100 times till I see your balls purple, and you crying like a little bitch begging me to stop! I wont you worthless piece of shit! Then I will shove this big long fucking heel up your ass with no lube. Pretty soon you will feel how far up your ass this black sexy boot could go!

Prostitution Phone Sex

Prostitution Phone SexThat’s right you small cock mother fucker cock sucker. I prostitute my body to buy my self some fucking drugs! Not because you paid me for a couple of hours means you are going to take advantage! That’s right asshole we are playing by my rules, you will be my little puta (little bitch)! You will do as I say! I just want you to lay back and relax and let me take over! I’m going to tie you all up on the bed. Then I will snort a fucking line off your worthless small cock. Fuck yeah that hit me fucking good! I just start punching your fucking balls making my pussy feel good. Then I drop on my knees, don’t think I will suck you what the fuck asshole. I start biting on your fucking balls pulling on your skin hoping to pop a fucking ball out your sack!

Be my Bitch

 Forced Intoxication Phone SexWhats up mother fucker! Its Friday night and my pussy knows it. I cant wait to get a hold of your worthless body mother fucker! Slap you around like the little bitch you are. I claim you as my little bitch now. I’m your owner, and you are my little bitch! You will wear a dog collar around your neck and do as I say! I will fucking kick you around, specially kick your worthless balls and that sorry ass dick you have just hanging there. Then I will spit on you piss on you, ass fuck you with my stiletto hill, till I make your asshole bleed out like the little cunt ass bitch your are! I will make you drop on your knees and start giving me sum fucking pleasure, I want you to suck on my fucking clit and pull on it a little till you  make me squirt all over your fucking face.

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