YOUR submissive accomplice Scarlett!

When you called me and told me to prepare your new toy for your pleasure when you got home my pussy instantly started gushing.  I knew that I had to get her just right for you, and in return you would most likely let me participate in the fun.

First of all she needed a bath.  After 3 days of being tied up in the basement and used as your cum dumpster it was only expected that she would be a bit “ripe”.  I grabbed the ropes wrapped around her wrists and herded her to the shower, guiding her like the piece of meat that she was.

Once I had her all scrubbed and fresh and clean for you, Master, I smacked her around a bit to put some fear in her.  I know it will please you if she is already crying and whimpering when you walk through the door.  I quickly clamp the nipple clamps down on her already swollen and bruised nipples and decide to grab a second pair and attach our nipples to each other.  Whatever pain my Master has planned for her, I want to feel the vibrations of her shivering and and the tremors of her screams , and these nipple clamps attaching us will do exactly that….

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