Your Private School Girl

Don’t you love it when I dress up in my little plaid skirt with no panties showing off my clean shaved pussy with my knee high socks and little blouse showing my big tits like a naughty school girl? I go to an all girls private school and need you to teach me all about sex. You unzip your pants and pull out your big hot love stick. You teach me the game “Hide The Hot Dog” I love the places you hide that big thing and I am a quick learner. In fact I win this game. You tell me that because I won, we can play another game using my toys.  You play “Blow Up the Balloons” and “Cream Pie” I think you won those games. I play so innocent and do just as I am told it makes your cock rock hard and my pussy so wet. I could play your naughty little school girl all day long. Now you give me a toy that we can both play with and I can’t wait to see what we do with this.

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