A Young Sex Slave

I met a p-daddy online, who craved the taste of a sweet, young male.  He paid me to find one to be abused, tortured, and turned into a rape fantasy fulfilled.  The little one was cute, pretty, and so naive and innocent.  He was still a virgin.  My mouth watered as I fantasized about the way that he would be used.  He was to be drugged, seduced, and deflowered. I would facilitate the whole experience for my new-found p client.  I had the young man lured to my home in another state.  He was lured by  his babysitter who was having a sexual relationship with my nephew (the perfect plan). The little one was told that my husband and I would watch him for a couple of hours while his babysitter took care of a family emergency.  When that stupid whore left, the fun began.  The little man was offered some milk (that contained a sedative) and cookies.  Once he was relaxed, I laid back on the couch and watched the little brat learn to suck cock, get fucked, and then die.

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