Young and In charge

teen phone sex

“Is that you Trevor?” I asked.

“Baby you drive me fucking crazy. Tell me something good. I want to hear that voice of yours.” Trevor insisted on talking but I didn’t want to talk.

“Why don’t you stop talking baby and come taste this pussy of mine.” I suggested.

“Yeah baby. You right.” He agreed and dropped to his knees slowly, and spread my thighs apart a bit further exposing my clean-shaved pussy. The lips of my pussy delicately covered my clit. For him to get to my clit his moist thick tongue would have to navigate my plump lips, and enter them before he could taste the true zest of my nectar.
“ Take this dick !” Trevor commanded. He began to pump me harder, and harder, and
harder. It almost sounded like someone was repeatedly slapping someone. His dick reached so far up my
pussy that it was like he was entering my stomach. He pounded me for about five minutes before he let
out a roaring scream.

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