You Cough, Bitch!

I had my physical this week.  I’ve been with the same physician ever since I was a little girl.  He’s seen me my body change, and my cock grow over the years.  He’s been there to answer all my questions, and helped me through my very confusing puberty years.  He’s a dear, old friend…and lover.  My doctor loves sucking my dick!

My mom stopped accompanying me into the exam room once I could speak for myself, and my dad has always been too embarrassed to even go to the doctor’s with me.  So, my doctor’s been sucking my snake since before I needed the hormones he prescribed for me.  As a teen, I got addicted to the power I felt, when fucking a man’s face.  Once I finished puberty, and he saw that I was working with a big clack cock, he started talking to me about ass play.  My doctor gave me my first taste of twinky hole.

Now, I he begs for my weapon of ass destruction, even when I don’t have an appointment.



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