Party Time…..

So you said you eat pussy like a fat brats eats cake….here is your chance to have your cake and eat it to! My friend and I are high as fucking hell. We baked you a cake. We are serving it up Mercedes style. How bad do you want it baby? Look at my baby all wide eyed and amazed at what we are doing for him. And just look at the sweet pink morsel I have brought you. I see your dick is getting nice and hard, just like I like it! You can see how fucked up she is just by looking at her eyes. She is ready and waiting for you and I am ready and waiting to watch. So baby what do you say? Wanna get this party started? You know that before it is all said and done I am going to be joining the mix and you will have to show me just how good you are at both eating pussy and at having your cake and eating it to. Can you handle two of us at once big boy? Your dick is about to explode and we haven’t even started yet there stud. This is going to be very interesting indeed! Open wide baby!

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