You can look but you can’t touch

Go ahead subby, look all you want to, shit I’ll even let you take pictures if you want to but you will never get to touch this! Little subby losers like you are here only to serve me and whatever real men I choose to have here. I’m not even going to let your tongue touch my cum filled pussy after I fuck my stud, I will only allow you to gaze upon my perfect pussy as I let the cum drip down into your open mouth. You don’t deserve to touch me, you are worthless do you not understand this? You will not ever get the pleasure of tasting my pretty pussy until you learn your place, learn to never question me, learn to just accept what I tell you no matter what it is. You do not get to tell me what to do or even get an opinion at all! Little wannabe bottom topping bitches like you never do learn that lesson though do you…

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