You are nothing I am everything

cuckolding phone sexWouldn’t you just die for a chance to touch these perfect tits, to be able to see them up close and personal? My goodness how lucky would that make you? But as much as you’d like to… I’m going to have to inform you that I’m much too good for you – much too sexy, a masterpiece at that. You are nothing; in fact you are quite pathetic. Compared to me, your existence is beyond pitiful – and the fact that you think that you could ever have a chance with me whatsoever that only proves how pathetic you are. The only thing you will be able to get out of me is being able to watch me enjoy the time and pleasure of another man. And that is more than any other woman would ever let you do so consider yourself beyond blessed for the opportunity to watch me fuck another man. Maybe if you’re good I’ll let you lick up all mine and his cum…now wouldn’t you just love that? I’m sure you would. You’ve got to see this – it’s so huge! Now watch it go right into my mouth, mmm oh how I love the way a real man tastes! It’s so big it barely fits in my mouth… oh and now he’s going to fuck me? I can’t wait for him to stretch all my holes to their limits as I scream for more and more! And you? You’ll just have to sit there and watch me loving it all, and you’re stuck there rubbing your tiny little cock wishing you were man enough to fuck me! But like I said, you’re absolutely nothing except my cleaner so get to cleaning up all this cum!

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