yay for back to school

Like omg!!! Yay for me !!! I am back in school and time to learn about what weenies I am going to suck on this year. +giggles+ Yeah, I know … I am such a naughty, sassy girl that should do what I am told. But I just have way too much fun playing with all of the meat sticks I can find. With the awesome cute lil’ clothes my daddy bought me, I just know that I will get whateva I want. +giggles+ The rules in school were meant for me to bend them … just the way I am going to bend over in front of my teacher to pick up my pencil I dropped +winks+ wearing my cute lil’ school skirts and tiny white shirt. +giggles+ I wonder what kinds of trouble I can get into this year so I can spend more time with my principal … behind close doors. +giggles+ 😉

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