Yard Work

I had this guy come over and mow my lawn. I came out in a tube top and short, short shorts on. Then I climbed right up on and straddled the lawn mower. It was towards night and we don’t really live close to anybody or anything so I figured what the fuck lets have some fun. The guy shut down the mower and I had to tell him to turn it back on because I liked the vibrations. He put the mower in neutral and stared to watch my breasts bounce up and down. I could see his cock throbbing in his pants. And I could tell exactly what he wanted. So I bent forward and pushed my tits in his face as I pulled his hard cock out! He was already dripping wet. So as he was sucking on my tits I slid down on that big cock of his. Then fucked him right there in the middle of the yard. We both came when we heard a car drive by and honk. They got one hell of a view! And now this guy comes over every week to mow my lawn for free! Mmmm I love good repeat show!

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