Wrong Number

I met the hottest little honey last week at the club. We spent the whole weekend fucking like crazy and had the best time with each other. We have so much in common and she loves the fact that I am a chick with a dick. She says she gets the best of both worlds! Her name is Jammie and she is just perfect! But alas Monday rolled around and we had to go back to the world of work and the nine to five grind instead of the grind we really wanted to be doing. We have been texting all week like school girls. Back and forth , hot sexy nasty texts, sweet endearing texts and of course silly nonsense texts that mean nothing but make us laugh. Today she texted me a very provocative picture of herself. Of course my cock got rock hard and I had to go to the bathroom before someone at my job saw it and my secret was revealed. No one here knows I am a chick with a dick. While in the stall jerking it hard I took a selfie to send back to her showing her what she had done to me. With a smile and feeling relieved I went back to my desk to finish out the day. The next thing I knew I was called to my boss’s office. James never called me in because I always did my job above and beyond the call of duty. When he pulled out his cell and showed me the picture that was meant for Jammie on his phone my jaw dropped. I guess in my frenzy I hit the wrong recipient…..oooops. Thankfully he agreed to keep my secret and not fire me because I was such a hard worker. But I was put on probation and prohibited from having my cell at work from that point forward. It was the most embarrassing thing, I can’t even look at him now.

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