Worship My Feet

Men worship all parts of my body for many different reasons, my ass is curvy and perfect, my breasts are the perfect size for teasing, my tight pussy will drive you wild, but my feet seem to be the part of me that most of you want to worship the most.  I get so many requests for pictures of my bare feet or pictures of my sandals, and any time I wear boots there seems to be a frenzy of requests.  I love to use my feet to rub your cock during our tease and denial sessions because I know it will drive you absolutely crazy.  I will make you kneel at my feet and lick my boots as you take them off me, then you will have to beg me to let you lick my toes.  I know you can’t wait to feel my foot in your mouth, but you will have to earn that privilege before I will allow you to indulge.  Don’t worry I know you will do your best to be a good boy so you can get what you so desperately crave!


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