Another Fun Filled Weekend

My husband always knows what I need and when, and I love it when he surprises me because of it. I have been distracted lately, and my husband knows this means I need a bag of cocaine and a weekend of gang banging. This is what I was doing when he met me, and he loves the fact that I can embrace my inner whore without remorse or guilt. I love cock – plain and simple! I need to be fucked, used and abused or I don’t feel as though I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. I love fucking my husband or our little man everyday, and I especially love how our little man has taken command of his cock so he can fuck me harder. I still need to have new and different cock inside me, and my husband is so amazing for arranging it for me when I need it the most.  Last night he brought home a bag of coke for me, and told me that he rented an apartment.  The apartment is for me to go and fuck all the men from the ad he placed on the internet placed on the internet.  He has it setup so he can watch me fuck and be fucked when he isn’t able to be there with me.  My husband and our little man of course fucked me in the apartment before anyone else did so we could test the camera equipment.  I’m sure I will have many great times to tell you about in the very near future!

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