World Aids Awareness Day Snuff

snuff phone sexOn World Aids Awareness Day Alanza is going to use snuff phone sex on a very willing fucked up man. Bug chasers are HIV negative men who want to have sex with partners with HIV or Full blown aids. Its a big issue in the gay and sissy community. Normally I tend to steer men away from this, But he was such a loser, I figured in the end a death is a death. Accomplice life is finding ways to kill and torture that gets a man hard, at least for now.
Listen Aids is a very real problem still.

But Some men seek the bug Juice! Not Much fucked with me but when he came to me begging to be infected, I balked. I love killing and torture, but this was new to me. “Listen baby this isn’t the clap or herpes. This will kill you far slower than I ever could.” No one will want to fuck you, This is a death sentence.” His dick twitched. I offered simple deaths, or drawn out deaths that could substitute for such a horrible infection.

World Aids Awareness Day Snuff sex

My brand of snuff phone sex reaches the depths of misery what should this be any fucking different, I thought.
So we headed out to bath houses and back alleys in search of bug juice, tainted blood with HIV or active Aids. During our hunt he fucked dozens of nasty sex workers and trannies that looked putrid. But after three months still his blood was clean. His cock itched and burned, but that wasn’t enough.
Then I found our golden goose. I gay man in his 70’s that proudly boosted he wanted to infect as many queers as he could. The word spread to me and It was time.snuff phone sex
Now, fully invested in getting my little friend Aids infected, I waited for the right timing. What would be better than World Aids Awareness Day to infect him! Laughing in the face of activism and control. What I do best! I would have this sissy faggot destroyed by a gift giver. Its something special to be cherished! MSM bare-backer culture has given so much to the Queer community. And frankly I understand, If you might be shot up at a gay club anyways, why not get Aids and know that you have literally became the dirtiest, diseased mother fucker around.
Snuff phone sex
PSA I love the queer community and while I enjoy snuff I do not condone Violence based on Hatred. Unless it my own. Roleplay with me and get all you killing needs taken care of!
Test your Yourself and your partners regularly if you give a shit about not spreading or having HIV AIDS and other STI’s. Wrap your dick when fucking, strangers and Do not share needles. Take a moment to read up on the numbers, “In 2020, male-to-male sexual contacted accounted for 68% of all new HIV diagnoses in the United States and dependent areas. In the same year, heterosexual contact accounted for 22% of all HIV diagnoses”

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