Wine Tasting Extravaganza

Adult phone chatI have spent so many weekends all coked out while fucking several dozen men per my husbands orders, but every once in a while he knows I am exhausted and I would like to take a break from all the excitement.  My husband made arrangements for us to go to Napa Valley and attend a few wine tastings at a few of the vineyards open to the public.  I thought we would be going to these wine events as regular people, but I should’ve known better.  When we got to our hotel there was a bag of coke on the dresser for me.  I walked over and started doing it without realizing what was happening until my husband handed me a gift.  Inside the box was a new dress with a matching pair of shoes, and he instructed me to get ready since it was almost time to go.  When I asked where we were going he didn’t respond, so I knew this weekend would consist of fucking several people as well.  The difference with this weekend was I got to drink wine, and my husband had everyone cum in the wine glass instead of on my face.

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