Wine Me and Dine Me Baby!

I love being treated like a lady! I love a man that likes to wine and dine his lady and just treat her very special. One, that likes to surprise his lady with a dozen roses with with a surprise call just anything that will put a smile on her face. That is just the kind of man I need. One, that will always make sure that I am happy and will go far and beyond normal levels to make sure that I am satisfied not just material wise but sex wise. He will make sure that she cums and enjoys the sex just as much as he does. One, that will make her feel like there is no other woman in the world that is even compareable to her. Can you make me feel like that?

I will treat you like the best man in the world. I will make sure at the end of our call you always have a smile on your face and I will keep one on your face at all times. I will make sure that when we make love you are beyond pleased in every way possible. I want you to be my man and I want to be your woman. So come on baby let’s make our gfe phone sex experience a special one.

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