Sweet little treat!

I have been having fun with my new toy. A friend brought me a thank you gift. A pretty little thing he has been using for a while. She was getting to old and out of control for him. So he gave her to me to. What a sweet surprise.  She doesn’t have the normal fight I like.  I want to see fear. I want to feel her terror. She has been used all up. A dirty little cum sponge. So I know exactly what to do with her.  I scrub her from head to toe. Wash every inch of her.  And Invite my friend Rick over. We  shave every part of her. No hair allowed. She just sat there. Like a broken little doll. Shes not good as a little whore anymore.. but she still has a lot of good meat left on her.  I let Rick Season her. I know he knows exactly how to make her taste fantastic.  She is small for her young age. So she fits perfect in his large roasting pan. I did have to tie her down. She got a little frisky when she realized we were gonna cook her.  We slid her in the oven and watched thru the glass as she slowly cooked.  She started to glisten and her skin turned a golden brown. She did fight and scream for the first little while. But that made it even better for me! I couldn’t wait to taste her sweet meet. Mmmmmm  Rick always knows how to make the tastiest treats.

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