Where is BIG BEN?

So we phone sex operators talk a lot about our fellas. I am the biggest cum loving, big dick wanting slut we have. I love hearing about the other girls calls, getting all hot and bothered and fucking myself silly while I fantasize about them.
Mariana is one of my best buds. I love sucking her big cock and playing with her tits while she tells me about calls because she always ends up fucking my pussy hard with her huge dick after she gets me nice and wet.
She always has a story about BIG BEN. He has a dick as big if not bigger then hers. He loves to bring party favors and get his hos fucked up while banging them and watching them bang each other.
I have had so many fantasies about BIG BEN while I cum so hard I can’t stand it. I imagine what his cum tastes like as he shoves that huge cock down my throat, gagging me and making me swallow every last drop of his jizz.
BIG BEN has a reputation amongst our crew of phone sex operators and is some what of a legend because he aims to please and he never disappoints any of them.
I dream of the day BIG BEN will do a two girl call with us and pop my cherry in a way that only he can.
One day my dream will cum true and BIG BEN will satisfy this aching pussy with his huge cock.

I can’t wait for that day to cum!

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