What the fuck is this ?

I met this hot sexy stud at the club and he knew all the right things to say to a money-hungry ebony slut like me. As soon as he saw me he pulled out his wallet, gave me a wad of cash, and ordered me my favorite drink. As we sat at the bar I let him take his hand and slide it all the way up to my hot steaming twat. He said my pussy felt like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie at his fingertips! I told him that it tasted like one too so we should go back to his spot. As soon as we got there we started making out and ripping each other‘s clothes off but when my hand reached into his pants I felt more of a slit than I did a dick. When I pulled his pants down I saw this tiny little nub pointing straight at me. “What the fuck is this?!” I exclaimed while pointing at his tiny lil dick. He turned beet red as I began to giggle and laugh at that embarrassment of a cock. “I hope you don’t think that I’m gonna let you put that jellybean inside of me” I chuckled as I knocked him to the ground. I can see his cum dribbling out the tip as I comment on how little it was. LOL. This loser likes small cock humiliation phone sex! I wish he would’ve told me he had a micro dick before getting me so fucking horny. Being horny and annoyed because I wasn’t getting any real cock made me force him to lay on the ground and lick the bottom of my heels. While he basically gave my foot a blowjob I used the other heel to step all over his tiny little cock and balls. I wanted them to burst like grapes but the weight of my heel on his nuts made tiny vienna boy squirt out of his little canned sausage. “Clean this fucking mess up” I told him as I strutted out the door counting my cash. The last glimpse I got of that baby dick dweeb was of him bent over and lapping away at his own cum.

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