What the Fuck are Shrooms?

Submissive Phone SexI think most of you know that recently my husband got a promotion. Well this yesterday morning he called me from work and  said he had some new clients and had pitched some huge deal to them and wanted to invite them to our house for dinner and to try to seal the deal. So I spent the day cooking and cleaning and and making everything as perfect as I could for my husband’s dinner party. When my little man came home from school I sent him to a friends house to stay the night which doesn’t normally happen on a school night but tonight was such a big deal for my husband that I didn’t want him to have any potential disruptions from anyone.

My husband and two of his clients got to our house at about six o’clock and I had everything ready. When they came in after introductions were made I offered them drinks and let them know dinner was ready when they were. They said they were starved and ready to eat so we all headed to the dining room. My husband came into the kitchen where I was getting the food plated to bring to the table and gave me a little bag of coke and said to do a couple of lines, he said he wanted to make sure I had a really good time too.

During the meal one of the men asked for some steak sauce so I went to the kitchen and returned in only a matter of seconds. Once we had finished our meal and the men went into the living room to talk business I began cleaning up, while in the kitchen I started having this really strange feeling and began to hallucinate. I saw things breathing that couldn’t possibly be breathing. The oven door was pulsating and it appeared to be melting.  I got very scared, so asked my husband if he could come to the kitchen for a moment and he did.

I told him how strange I was feeling and he said not to worry, to relax and enjoy the experience, his clients had slipped me some Shroom’s,  I had no fucking idea what that was and started to panic a little. My husband took me to our bedroom, undressed me.  He told me to lay down and relax and said I needed to just let the experience happen.  He knew I was going to like it if I could let myself relax.  He gave me a couple more lines of coke then left the bedroom. I’m not sure how much later it was, but suddenly I heard strange voices in our bedroom and they were talking me through the hallucinations.

Then they were undressed and they sat me on one of the guys lap and he rammed his cock hard up my pussy and they other shoved his cock in my mouth. Their cocks seemed to moving in strange contorted ways and their faces were bending unnaturally. I was seeing things I knew couldn’t be possible. I looked over to my husband’s chair in the corner and he was sitting there so I thought this had to be real. This went on for what seemed to be forever.  When the men left I realized that this must be what it feels like when your gazing through the looking glass. 

My husband carried me into the shower, and leaned me against his chest as he turned on the water.  The sensation of the water on my skin was so intense that I nearly collapsed.  He dried me off and carried me to the bed.  When he stuck his cock inside me the feeling was so intense that I squirted all over him.  He pounded my pussy so hard as I screamed and moaned so loud that it didn’t take long for his cock to explode inside me.  I felt every last drop of his cum inside me, and it was the most amazing feeling I’d ever had.  We drifted off to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning my husband acted like nothing happened.  Was last night real, or am I losing my mind?

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