I had the best weekend of my life. I got to babysit the grand ones. And that’s what makes me a perfect grandma. The boys are getting awfully big now. Kevin is just growing up so fast!  He tries to be such a big boy. And I guess he is getting to be big, because I caught him with his little hand down his pants. More than five times on the first day alone. He thought no one noticed he was stroking his little hard dick. But of course grandma notice. I love that age were they figure out it feels good to play with that cock. It was time for grandma to teach Kevin exactly how good it could feel. After I tucked the other little ones into bed, I came in to Kevin’s room to give him some special one-on-one time with Granny. And of course right when I walked in Kevin was playing with his little dick again. ohhhh he tried to pull his hand out of his pants really fast. But grandma saw him. I sat down on the bed next to him. I ran my hand from his knee up to his thighs. I was very happy to see his little Dick just jump for grandma. He froze like a little rabbit when I move my fingers up against his cock and started stroking him. Grandma knows just what he needs. I pulled out his little Dick and started sucking it for him. I love knowing I was the first one to ever wrap my lips around his cock. Oh I get to suck on it for a long time. I’m pretty sure he’s too young to come. But it sure will be fun testing that theory from now on.


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