What Do You Collect?

GFE Phone SexPeople collect so many different things, and I think that’s great.  I can appreciate the beauty in most things that people tend to collect and display for their friends and family to see.  I cannot display my collection unfortunately, although I do have several pictures that are of course NSFW (not safe for work – for those of you who don’t know).  I love men of all shapes and sizes, but my favorite ones are the ones who spoil me and treat me like the Princess that I am.

I don’t have time for a fine ass man who thinks I am going to worship or spoil him.  I promise you that will never happen!  I’ve had a man or two tell me in the past that I will worship the ground they walk on before I know it, and when I do they are going to use me for everything they can.  Sad, pathetic little boys who make big claims like that all end up the same way with me.  I usually hear them crying at my front door as they beg me to let them in because they have a gift for me.  I tell them all the same thing: Leave the gift on the porch and get out of my life and off my property.

GFE Phone Sex

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