The Race Is On

We were racing down the autobahn in Germany in my mans Ferrari F40 doing 88 mph at the time we hit the unlimited speed zone. He took out a CD of Mozart, and said to me “make my fantasy come true babe.” I leaned over, and did his pants and pulled out his hard cock and stroked it at first. He began to paddle shift through the gears as I lowered my head and slipped his erection into my willing mouth. The orchestra began to play as the speed of the F40 began to increase and my tongue started to work around his head. By the time we hit 150 mph I was working his shaft with my mouth and moving my head up and down with the warm mid day sun on my back. At 185 mph I could hear the engine approaching top speed and my mouth was in concert with it working his cock like a piston in an engine. Stroking his shaft as I licked the sides of his stick, he moaned loud, but kept the Italian machine true to the road. When finally hit 210 mph I could hear the engine at full song. The sounds of that fast formula one inspired engine, the horn section of the , and my mans moaning really got me hot, and I quickened my pace until he yelled he was about to cum. I rubbed his balls and sucked him deeper until my mouth was full of his warm cream, and I started to swallow. We then stopped in this old German town for lunch and some fine German beer. I hope he lets me drive the Ferrari back, but I wonder if he can play with my freshly shaved pussy as we drive back. Speed is such a turn on.

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