What a Woman!

Oh my goodness, baby!  You will never guess what happened to me today!  You’re going to LOVE this!  Okay, so I went to the pool early this morning, to enjoy some sun-bathing, before the Summer sun turns into an Autumn fog.  I heard someone come lay in the spot next to me, but I had my eyes closed, so I didn’t see, or care, who it was.  I must have gotten lost in my thoughts, because I didn’t hear anyone approach me, but before I knew it, there were soft, delicate fingers running up my thigh.  I jumped a little, but when I felt a second hand rub some cooling gel on my burning hot legs, I decided to just enjoy the anonymous massage.  I opened my eyes to see who was rubbing me.  I mean, I knew it was a woman’s touch, but I wanted to see her.  She was gorgeous, maybe even prettier than me!  My body and desires became putty in her hands, as she slid her fingers between my thighs, and found my throbbing clit.  My mouth fell under her command, as she brought her breasts to my lips.  I don’t know when or how it happened, but I ended up naked with her face between my legs.  I pinched my nipples, as I came on her tongue, unashamed…and outside!

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