What a good boy!

I had such a fun call earlier today! A sissy called me and asked very nicely if he could play with my big fat cock and of course I said yes. I told him to get on his knees and see how much of my cock he could swallow, well he did his very best to get all 12 inches down his throat. He was choking and gagging on it but just kept right on suckin like a champ. I bent him over and pounded that ass until I had him stretched open good then put his legs together so his ass was even tighter and really started pounding. I was gettin tired of doing all the work, so I sat in a chair and had him lower that ass down on my cock and told him to bounce on it. He was very grateful to be allowed to fuck me like that, most times he just gets bent over it must be boring for him poor thing. He was bouncing up and down harder and harder until I couldn’t hold back anymore and I blew my load deep inside him. He quickly got on his knees and cleaned all the cum off my cock like a good boy. What a fun call that was!

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