Welcome To The Jet Stream

One of my girlfriend’s sugar daddy’s got her a hot tub. She just got it set up and called to invite me over for an evening of drinking and enjoying her new toy. I know what fun I can have in a hot tub so as my cunt was squirting in my panties, my mouth was saying “I will be right over”
I didn’t even bother to put a bikini on under my clothes because I knew it wouldn’t be on long at all.
I stopped at the store and picked up some adult beverages and headed out.
When I got there my friend had towels in her hand and her bikini on. I fixed us a drink and told her to strip. She confessed she had never been in a hot tub before but that it looked very relaxing.
I had to laugh. It will relax you all right after you are done cumming your brains out. She looked at me puzzled and it was all I could do not to climb in before her.
I asked her where the jet control was and she showed me, after adjusting that I adjusted the temperature and put her in. I showed her just how to position her clit so that the stream of the jet was hitting her just right. Her nipples got rock hard fast and she threw her head back as she rode the wave.
It wasn’t long before she couldn’t catch her breath as she came hard. Now it was my turn and I couldn’t wait! We spent the whole night in that damn hot tub and we came like mad woman.
Just two hot chicks and a hot stream of water and we were set!

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