Making it Rain on My Pussies

Last night was a good money-night at the strip club, where I work!  There must have been hundreds of happy, tax-refund recipients blowing their money.  I surely didn’t mind, as long as I got my share for me and my babies.  I must have showed my pussy, ass and titties, and shook and grinded every man in the club.  I won’t be so tacky as to tell you how much I made, but let’s just say I could buy myself a really nice fur coat, if I wanted.

I let my oldest son count all the money when I got home.  He was so excited to spread it all out on the floor.  My little princesses wanted to know what I did to make “all those monies,” so I turned on some music and showed them a few tricks.  The girls picked up some basic moves really quick, and really liked dancing naked.  They’re naturals!  I let them play “Strippers,” as my sons and I threw money all over them, making it rain on their precious little kitty-kats.



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