Welcome Home Babe

fantasy phone sexWelcome home baby. I have been waiting for you. Waiting to please you like only I can do. My tight young body. My little perky tits, perfect pussy, and heart shaped ass. My mouth just waiting to devour your rock-hard cock. Come join me. Let me take off your clothes and lay you on your back. Kissing your face and slowly making my way down your chest to your hip bones. My pearl necklace grazes your cock and balls, making you squirm with excitement. I position myself between your legs and suck on your balls and then deep throat you.

I take you deep in my little warm mouth. Swirling my tongue around your shaft. My hand moves down and starts rubbing your tight asshole. I push just a little and my fingertip is in. You clench but you love it. I suck you harder and push my finger deeper. You start to relax. I taste the precum and move my head from your cock. A string of your cum and my spit on my mouth as I look at you. I remove my necklace and start to rub it against you ass, pushing the beads a little further with each pulse. You like that and your cock leaks uncontrollable. I pull them out and clean them with my mouth. I smile at you wondering what you are going to do to me.

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