They Wear a Leash and Collar During Training

The little ones who secretly live and work in the whorehouse are trained in a very humbling fashion.  Their little bodies are stripped naked, and they are collared with a leash attached.  They are instructed to walk on all fours: barking, meowing, and making other such sounds (once it has been determined by my staff that, they need reinforcement training).  They are placed over a spanking bench, and beaten while their little holes are fucked with random household objects.  These little prostitutes pay for their room and board with their obedience, their young assholes and tight, bald, tiny pussies.  Each whore has their own leash and collar and when they wear them, training is in session.  There is a part of me that gets very aroused seeing these little whores being treated in this manner.  I love to fuck in front of them, teaching them the ‘right’ way to service an adult’s cock.

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