We Like It Rough

Stop fucking crying bitch, did you think this was going to be easy? Fuck no that isn’t how we roll! We like it nice and rough, and that is what your going to get. I lean in real close and my cunt starts to twitch as I whisper in her ear “And you best make me believe you like it or it will get so much worse” I can’t help but laugh at the terror in her eyes as I use one hand to satisfy my pussy and the other to fist fuck this bitch. We are all gathered around her and we take turns fucking that useless pussy and virgin ass. We use anything and everything we can get our hands on, a trophy, a pool stick, a rolling pin, hell one King even used the spike for our big tent and went to deep, impaling the inside of that cunt and making it bleed. I took off my boot and fucked the bitch in the ass with the spiked heel. I loved wrapping the rope around her tits and watching them turn bright purple. When we are done I am going to take a razor and slice that tit right on the tip of the nipple and watch the blood burst out from the build up and the pressure like milk from a mother whore. This bitch is getting beat and raped and tortured till we all are done cumming and are satisfied. I love it when they think it would be cool to hang with the gang only to find out they are going to be our fuck toy for the night and it isn’t going to be fucking vanilla sex!

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