Wanted: Full Body Massage!

I was out all night partying til the sun came up! Now I’m in need of a good full body massage. Come and cater to your beautiful chocolate goddess. My wish is your command. I want you to serve me and make sure I am totally pleasured by the time its all over. Can you do that? Good. You can start by bathing me. I’m a BBW and proud of all my curves so make sure you cover every inch of my robustly beautiful body. If you do it right, I may even let you taste me. I know you would like that.  After my bath I want a massage. A good long massage. I want your hands all over my body. Touching and kneading and gripping me until I am not tense anymore. If you can pull that off, I’ll fuck you and let you cum where ever you want. Treat me like the ebony queen that I am. I want you all over my chocolate body making all of my pampered fantasies come to life and then some. I want it rough, I want it intense, I want it all. 

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