The Sweet Taste of Blood

I wore a black dress with a leather corset and heels. His eyes were as hot as hell’s fire, my lips colored rose and my body was starving to be sexually fed. He was under my spell, and powerless against my will.. We talked almost all night as a black metal band played from the stage, but he was lost in my movements and captured by my haunting voice. Soon I took his hand and brought him to my lair as I call it. I locked the door, lit several candles, and handed him a glass of red wine. I then showed him in the candlelight me slipping off my dress and undoing my corset. I walked over to him with his white flesh all I could see and ran my cat like fingernails across his chest. I looked in to his lust filled eyes as I undid his leather pants, and he cupped my huge milky white ample breasts. We kissed deep with a hungry passion as I placed my hand on his huge cock and stroked it until he was rock hard and ready. I said “I crave it, I can smell it, I must have your blood.” he would give me his soul if I asked for it. “Yes” was all he said. I arched my back and moaned with a hunger like a starving wolf. Then I raised my head fast, groaned, and sank my teeth into his chest and began to drink from him. I felt his blood all over my tongue as I drank and it seemed to make stronger as I sipped. I took my mouth away and showed him my blood dripping from my fangs. I licked the blood off and demanded he fuck me, I threw him on the bed, slid his erection in me and rode him hard. I finally felt my warm pussy explode with my warm juices after ten minutes. I rolled my head with desire and lustfully moaned like crazy. I Then let him flip me on to my back and drive his cock in and out of me like a wolf in heat. We went at it hard and deep with passion and blackened lust, but he was ready to cum, and I was getting there too. I dug my nails into his back, and rose my hips to me his thrusts as he pumped my into me. Soon he moaned deep and I felt his load splash into me as I exploded all over him. He then fell asleep in my bed as I popped up. I looked at with satisfaction, and went to rest in my coffin for the day.

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