Putting on a Show for Daddy and His Friends

Today my daddy came for a visit like he always does. This time however he brought my uncle and some of my cousins. They said they had a surprise for me and told me to wait in the other room. It didn’t take them long before they were calling me back into the living room. My oh my, what a surprise. They had put up a stripper pole! My pussy immediately started dripping with anticipation. I turned without saying a word and went to my room and put on the sexiest little outfit I could find that would be fun to strip off. I went back to the room where they were now sitting on the couch and waiting for a show. I went in and put on one hell of a show. Of course my daddy was proud of me. My family eventually joined the show too and well we had some awesome fucking! I can not wait to entertain more people with my new stripper pole. Thanks daddy! 🙂

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