want to eat my cupcake?

Now ever since I could remember I have always be going to my Granny and Papa’s house on the weekends. My Papa would be listening to the news on his radio while reading his daily paper. I would always be with my Granny cooking and baking yummy goodies to share with Papa. Granny and I would bake muffins, cakes, cookies, fudge brownies, and cupcakes. Well one day when I was visiting them, my Granny and I decided that we are going to bake spring funfetti cupcakes. That is just my favorite cupcake of all time. *giggles* It is a vanilla cake mix with rainbow colored sprinkles in the cake batter and when it is down you put more sprinkles on top of the icing. Yay for rainbow sprinkles!!! *giggles* But Granny told me that we are out of the cake mix but we have the icing and the sprinkles. I became very sad and started to pout. Then Granny looked at me and told me that she can make me into a pretty, sweet cupcake for her and Papa to eat. My tears stop and I began to smile. 🙂 So I did what I was told and got into my birthday suit laid out on the table. Granny covered my little boobies and my smooth, bald cupcake in between my legs with pink frosting and sprinkled rainbow heart shaped sprinkles all over my body. Papa got so excited that he dove right into my cupcake and began to lick the creamy icing. Granny told me that I am the sweetest cupcake she had ever had. *giggles* 😉

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