A Walk in the Park

I was walking in the park the other day and I started to hear some interesting noises. I followed the sound and peeked around a tree where it seemed to be coming from. Sitting on a bench on the other side of the tree was a man with his cock out. He was sitting there stroking it in broad daylight! The sight of his cock all hard in his hand made me want it in my pussy. I walked right over to him and dropped to my knees. I pulled my big titties out and started to rub them all over his hard pole. He grabbed me and pushed me down onto the bench. I started to pull my bottoms off and he grabbed them and ripped them off. Just the intensity I was looking for. He pounded my dripping wet pussy over and over. I came so many times all over his cock. He gave me his cum all over my titties. What a walk in the park that was!

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