Penis Play

So dirty pervy Sean called me last night and we got really naughty together on the phone. I could tell by the way he was talking to me that he already had his cock in his hand while we were talking. Hearing him stroke off on the phone, got me feeling wet in my panties. So I slipped my fingers underneath my cute, tiny panties and started rubbing my juicy wet clit. I could tell the more I called his cock a “penis”, the more he was getting turned on. Especially when I would talk about how his penis would slid into my tight pussy. Oh the feeling of how hard he stuffs that penis deep inside of me gets my pussy feeling tingly and ready to cream all over his penis. I can feel the his cock fill up with cum all the way from the base to the tip of his mushroom head. But the best part is that he can shoot long and hard for me to see.

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