Under Emma’s Twisted Thumb!

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

Under Emma’s Thumb

I love control! Does not matter if I am the object of affection or if I am just helping you come out of your shell. I also really like to push peoples boundaries with sex. The best way to get your guard down is with Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex. 

I need you to get super comfortable. Sit back in your most comfortable chair. Feet on the floor, hands on your lap, but not on your cock. Close your eyes and just listen to the sound of my voice. First, I am going to guide you into a meditative state. Work on concentrating only on my voice and your breathing clear all your thoughts. 

Then, I am going to take complete and utter control of you and your body. Making you do whatever it is that my devious mind can come up with. Are you ready to take that journey with me?

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